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Ostenda illuminata

Collaborators:Mona El Khafif, Andrew Mondschein, Eric Field
Urban Sensing Installation
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This installation is a continuation of the CCUS urban sensing project. With the conviction that urban data collection should generate transformative actions that truly impact the urban environment, the CCUS team starts developing an urban installation that physicalizes urban sensing processes. Data collection is often framed as an invisible process hidden from residents, extending the top-down control regime. Ostenda illuminata is a digital species that “reveals “ and “illuminates “ urban residents about urban informatics.

Concept: Mona El Khafif, Andrew Mondschein, Zihao Zhang, Eric Field, Karan Matta, Gaberial Andrade
Prototyping and Software Development: Zihao Zhang, Gaberial Andrade
Prototype Design 2020: Mona El Khafif, Davis Eddy, Darcy Engle
Community Engagement: Andrew Mondschein, Lucas Ames [Smart CVille], Abigail Cox
Web Interface and IoT : Eric Field, Luis Felipe Rosado Murillo [UVA Data Science]
Fabrication: Mona El Khafif, Davis Eddy, Darcy Engle, Gabe Andrade, Meng Huang, Ehsan Baharlou
University Collaborator: Philip Speranza [University of Oregon]
Photo credit: Tom Daly
© 2021 Zihao Zhang